USA 1st Awareness Event!

admin News October 11, 2021

Captin Jumbo Global Kids Foundation International USA

1st Awareness Event!

Randall Oaks Park and Zoo June 19th 2021

The day had finally come, Captin Jumbo Global Kids Foundation International first USA Community Funfair event!!!

CJ Global Kids Foundation International USA, commenced on November 5, 2020 as a nonprofit organization towards the growth and development of the younger generation!

As this being our maiden event in the country, permit me to recount proceeding of the event.

We all arrived at the location of the event around 11:00am to setup the tent, tables, and chairs!!! The food vendor had also arrived to begin cooking the food. They promised treating us to delicious chicken and beef tacos, fresh fruit, chips, and juice or water free for kids and staff.

Did they deliver? Let us give it up for our wonderful vendors

As the kids began arriving, we asked the parents to sign in their name, email, and phone number to be notified of our future events and they happily did so!!!

Kudos to the parents and kids for complying. We are excited for what is in-store with future events on the horizon.

Our friendly staff provided the kid(s) with a complimentary food ticket to obtain a free lunch. We had an introduction announcement, which our lovely announcer, McKenzy whom is 11 years old, started with a countdown to provide ample time for seating.

As we began, Kenzy happily shared the list of “free” activities of the funfair including (catering, face painting, playground park, zoo- feed animals, hayrides and horse rides availability) , as well as her excitement of it being her 1st time to ever speak in public and sharing her joy of doing so!!!!

The event duration was from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. Families with kids still kept coming even right at 3:00pm!!!

I gladly and joyfully shared some of my visit to Ghana and how I meet Team CJ Global in Ghana as Co- founder and Executive Director! There were many many applauding throughout my speech and lots of support!!!

Face painting was a big hit for both kids and adults!!!! The artist is excellent and quick getting an Triple A+ in my books, as well, as many parents there!!! She also graciously and instantly gave over 50% discount off her price, once she learned more about the Foundation purpose and causes!

Parents and children toured the many acres of the park and the zoo taking approx 1-2 hours to feed


The hayride was also an added bonus, many went on a luxury ride on a… tractor!! The tractor hay ride was coming around every 30 minutes to ensure that every family was able to have a great experience!


Last but not least, none of this could have been possible without my precious volunteers!!!!! Jennifer Munguia, Event Coordinator, Robin Matteson, McKayla Matteson, our Photographer, McKenzy Matteson, our great MC!!

Thanks to all of our volunteers who worked behind the scenes to make this long awaited event a huge success!! Thank you infinitely!!!!

Betty Garcia, Co-Founder and Executive Director GMK

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