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Our advocacy through the medium of Educative seminars and Entertaining platforms, seek to highlight all factors that mitigate against the Educational progress of children such as drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, child abuse, streetism, child trafficking, child labor , school bullying & victimization  and all factors that makes accessing  Education unattractive to children.
Our social intervention orientated  NGO or Non profit is determined to go beyond  what many describe as just verbal advocacy to a proactive basic child rights protection  structure.
Captin Jumbo Global Kids Foundation International , is a social intervention or supportive based Non profit organization determined  to  support  deprived  children and  communities  with various modernized Educational facilities and materials to aid teaching and learning.
Our advocacy also seek to project “Capacity building ” Art and Craft, Technical, vocational, and Entrepreneurship skills acquisition for  youth development and empowerment, We believe  that will  give livelihood options to the youth  and also help salvage thousands of youth from the streets,  we  believe our course is a global concern  to help  reduce the rate of school dropouts across all levels ,a major  key for poverty reduction, crime and violence and numerous social vices.
To witness a future in which the potentials of children are fully maximized without being limited by their Race, Gender, Religion or geographical location.
Operation complete school, don’t be a school Dropout, We aim at promoting the holistic development of a child by inspiring, motivating and supporting children to value Education both formal and informal using the medium of Education and Entertainment.
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