admin News August 14, 2023
The Captin Jumbo Sports Festival, was held at SCC park on the 11th of November, 2022 at Weija a suburb of Accra. With the benevolence of well wishers, it is intended to be an annual event, as program under the “No School Dropout Campaign” of CJ Global International. We are by this engaging the enormous energy available to children positively whilst strategically positioning our schools as the platform for talent hunt compared to those not too favourable to children. We are also mindful of the benefits of sports such as good health, team work, competition, hard work and determination in organizing this festival.
The fun we had and the general sense of belonging to the family of CJ Global, we believe is a psychological motivation for our kids to stay in school.
We are grateful to all our performers who made sure the event was fun throughout.
Support, the “No School Dropout Campaign”, Support CJ Global Sports Festival, Support Captin Jumbo Global kids foundation International for a Society for the world’s children.

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