Under our Flagship program “No School dropout campaign“, education is our pivotal initiative to which all other initiatives are anchored. This campaign seeks to keep children in school for as long as it is necessary and to challenge children to desist from social vices which have the potential to cause them to drop out of school. A donation to this cause is to ensure:

  1. Children are sensitized to avoid drug Abuse
  2. Educating teens to prevent teenage pregnancy
  3. Encourage children to be obedient to their parents to remain at home and to avoid taking to the street (avoiding streetism)
  4. Encourage children to be patriotic and law abiding to avoid problems with the laws of their states
  5. Provide children and their schools with teaching and learning materials such as books, math sets, school bags and uniforms etc
  6. Ensure identified schools have proper playing, learning facilities and equipment.
  7. To maintain any existing playing and learning facility which gets damaged.
  8. Ensure sanitary and hygienic facilities such as washrooms and bath houses including connecting systems and drainages are kept in good condition
  9. Provide and replenish toiletries on a regular basis
  10. Provide merit- based scholarship to needy but brilliant students