Detailed Services


Under this concept the foundation wishes to target a Community/Communities and ensure that holistically as much as possible, everything that hinders the proper development of the child is dealt with. Under this concept will exist area specific Sub projects as in

  • Education
  • Health
  • Child protection
  • Child Rights
  • Environmental Protection

We at the Captain Jumbo Global Kids Foundation believe that education is a necessity for the the child’s development and survival. It is also the foundation’s believe that such education goes beyond traditional school and classroom system. Education in and out of school must go hand in hand to produce an efficient results. This is an antidote to most of the many social vices and criminal activities which confront today’s society. One of the foundation’s cardinal response strategy to this problem is the “No School Dropout Campaign” initiative which seeks to keep young people in school for as long as is necessary. As a multipurpose vehicle, education shall be employed in all our area specific sub projects of Health, Child Safety, Education and Environmental Protection to sensitize children and children managers on:

  • The importance of keeping children in school.
  • The need to avoid drug abuse
  • The need and ways to avoid child parenting
  • Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy
  • The need and ways to be Patriotic and law abiding citizens
  • Staying healthy by observing good personal hygiene, good eating habits and regular exercising
  • Observing all children’s rights
  • Ways and benefits of protecting the environment
  • The need to seek proper health care from accredited health facilities.

The challenges facing child development, growth and well being is multi-faceted and therefore no one sector specific strategy is sufficient in producing the desired results. Rather multi-sectional approach must be employed simultaneously to achieve the desired results


Challenges to children’s education are numerous and are being tackled by successive governments. On our part, in schools our Adopted Community/Communities, the foundation seeks to confront these challenges by:

  • The provision of school uniforms, shoes, and bags
  • Provision of learning materials such as pens, pencils, math sets, textbooks, exercise, story books etc.
  • Arrange for means of transportation to and from schools
  • Provide/Repair play grounds and associated equipment and
  • Organize seminars, floats etc. to create awareness of behaviours that are inimical to child’s growth, development and wellbeing.
  • Arrange for kids with technical ambition to have regular attachments with Master Craftmen under regulated and supervised condition.
  • Arrange children without formal educational background to learn a trade with “maters” under regulated and supervised conditions.
  • Provide and repair sanitary facilities such as toilet facilities and washrooms as the situation may be.

Monitor to ensure that all facilities and amenities are maintained properly and regularly to ensure that school children derive the maximum benefit from these facilities.


Under the Adopt A Community Concept, a number of health facilities will be adopted and assisted.The following are step which shall be taken under the Health Sub project of the concept.

  • Monitor to repair/ provide sanitory facilities such as washrooms, water supply, and associated equipments such as pipe lines, sinks, showers etc and drainage infrastructure
  • Repair/provide beds, stretchers and wheel chairs to hospitals lacking such equipments
  • Augment the medicine stalk in order to serve children who patronize a health facility in an adopted Community free of charge.
  • Institute a keep fit club to help children exercise their bodies atleast ones a week.


The safety of the child is Paramount in order for him/her to benefit from any program put in place for their sake. For this reason, the foundation is collaborating with authorities and organizations to undertake area specific safety education as stated below:

  • Collaborate with the Ghana Police Service to educate children on strategies to keep them safe from child kidnappers
  • Collaborate with the Ghana Red Cross Society and the Ghana health Service to educate children first aid and emergency health techniques.
  • Periodic visits to schools to educate children school safety strategies such as
    • Sharp objects handling techniques
    • School Laboratory Safety
    • Good House keeping and personal hygiene
    • Exterior Facilities and Playing Field Safety
    • Environmental Awareness and hazard communication
    • Emergency Preparedness and response
  • Master Craftmen handling children in accordance with law shall be educated on Workplace Safety and Job Hazard Analysis.



The largest portion of the environment to which Human beings interacts is the land and it’s numerous water bodies. It is the greatest natural resource and must be protected at all times for the perpetuation of life and for children yet unborn.

Children most importantly must be equipped not only with the knowledge to safeguard this all important resource but to be advocates for the protection of our environment. Such education shall include the need to:

  • Avoid indiscriminate littering and disposal of refuge into the environment
  • Avoid the throwing of refuge into our water bodies
  • Avoid the choking of drainage systems with litter
  • Segregation of waste
  • Keeping and reuse of items such as polyethylene bags, plastics and bottles
  • Avoiding open defecation and defecation at the beaches
  • Indiscriminate felling of trees and burning of bushes
  • Avoid the use of dangerous chemicals for fishing and catching of games