admin News July 13, 2023
Kpadjai No. 1 R/C is a basic school located in  Kpadjai, a fishing community in the Kpadjai District of the Northern Region of Ghana. The situation in Kpadjai is no different from that, which the CJ Global team met  in Wenyagor.
Conditions of the school’s infrastructure are not suitable for human habitation to talk less  of being conducive for teaching and learning. This, together with the unavailability of teaching and learning materials, is a major discouragement for learners to be punctual in school. As part of our “No School Dropout Campaign”, CJ Global donated school uniforms, shoes, books, pens, pencils, sharpeners in the effort of encouraging learners not to abandon school for the more lucrative alternative of fishing.
CJ Global  is requesting all well-meaning individuals, corporate bodies, governmental and non governmental organizational to come to the aid of Kpadjai No. 1 R\C

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