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The children and entire community of Atiavi in the Volta region seeks your immediate attention, our team visited Wenyagor MA primary school to make a few donations to the school but that is just a drop into the ocean.
The life-threatening canoe ride without life jackets, the rollercoaster muddy terrain, unavailability of electricity, deprivation of school feeding program, and obviously the lack of teaching and learning materials urgently need to be addressed.
We joined the journey to share the pain with these innocent children since returning my body hasn’t been the same, and you can imagine what these young innocent souls are experiencing daily.
Name: Ahlidza Patrick
Gender: Male
Age: 13 years
Patrick Ahlidza is among the pupils we supported in the Volta region with a few basic needs. He barely smiles because of a very difficult beginning for him . His late mother, Beauty, as she was commonly called, died shortly after he was born . He can not provide the mother’s full name, neither talk of what actually happened before she died. His father’s name is Ahlidza , the family stayed in a small Village called Nyikutor in the volta region, a few miles away from Wenyagor ,the community he schools, fast-forward his only hope , his father also passed away, living poor Patrick to survive on the street.
We are told he has two other siblings but different mothers. One younger than him but now living with his stepmother since their father is no more.
 According to him, their father went to sleep one night, and that was his last night on Mother Earth.
After the death of their father, he lived with his grandma who also died recently and he is now living with a good Samaritan, his challenging childhood has an impact on his demeanor, education and general wellbeing,but his passion to pursue his Education is very astonishing .
He has refused to stay at home or be on the street, he enrolled in school this term, he can’t read nor write but according to his teachers, young Patrick is determined not to be left behind. They are doing their very best to help him catch up with his mates.
A very big thank you to our donors, little. Patrick smiled again!!
On Behalf of young Patrick and his friends,we humbly call on individuals, organizations, and media houses to kindly use their platforms to help improve the situation of Wenyagor MA primary school in the Volta region.They are in dying need of electricity, school feeding program, bicycles for teachers, accessible roads, teaching and learning materials.
Mother Ghana wake up to the cry and plea of the next generation!  Wenyagor/Atiavi urgently needs your attention.
By the Commander Of Children

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