admin News October 12, 2021
Why do we allow minors to beg on our streets? why do we allow children who are supposed to be in school openly beg or hawk on the streets?
General School push out factors; such as
 1.Drug abuse
 2.Rural urban migration
3.Child labor
4.Early child marriages
5.Early parenting (teenage pregnancy)
6.peer pressure etc.
Ghana Education service and all paraded child rights International bodies must be more concerned about  the above ‘gravious’  social cankers and not hairstyles
The increasing number of child beggars in the capital  city in recent  times is far overwhelming. As we  drive or walk along our highways, children are seen with a parent, an adult or peers hooking passersby for money.
This is a giant abuse of the fundamental rights of children  and obviously a clear indication that our child welfare institutions are defunct,
Why can’t child rights or social  welfare bodies be fully  equipped to be  actively  involved in  salvaging  innocent children from the dangerous streets ,fully accountable & authorized to enforce  state laws to punish adults involved as deterrence and our Leadership committed to the cause of making child welfare policies prescribing long term  provisions such as vocational, technical or Entrepreneurship skills empowerment  to the most vulnerable victims in our societies ?
We must as a matter of urgency begin to pay  in-depth attention to child growth & youth empowerment  in this country regardless because the adults in our society are already psychologically traumatized  due to the increasingly hard economic situations, the hustle for livelihood a dog race and the standard of parenting highly  questionable. This earthly marathon for survival directly affects non but children. These affected children grow up  poorly and the generational poverty cycle continues.
(Every child is a potential adult, every adult is an outdated child , children  are the next  generation, so childcare is the responsibility of every adult )

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